1958 Santa Fe Timetable

This and another Santa Fe timetable shown here are labeled, “Ticket Agent Edition.” They include all the usual things in a full timetable: a station index, fares, equipment lists, centerfold map, connecting trains, and of course schedules. These plus a few ads filled 48 pages.

Click image to download a 34.3-MB PDF of this timetable.

What Santa Fe called its Passenger Edition had many of these same things but in an abbreviated format that filled the equivalent of 18 pages (36 half-pages). The Passenger Edition put the schedule for just one major train on each page: one for the Super Chief, one for the El Capitan, and so forth, whereas table 1 of the Ticket Agent Edition listed all seven trains leaving Chicago–the Super Chief, El Capitan, Texas Chief, San Francisco Chief, Kansas City Chief, Chief, and Grand Canyon–in one easy-to-compare table.

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