Santa Fe 1961 Timetables of Principal Trains

This is Santa Fe’s version of what other railroads called a “condensed” timetable, with schedules of major trains, equipment, a small map, and a brief list of fares. The “principal train” include the Super Chief, Chief, El Capitan, San Francisco Chief, Grand Canyon, Texas Chief, daytime Kansas Cityan-Chicagoan, overnight Kansas City Chief, the daytime Tulsan, overnight Oil Flyer, San Diegan, Golden Gate, and unnamed connecting trains to Dallas, Denver, El Paso, Houston, Phoenix, and a few other places. Santa Fe discontinued the heavyweight California Limited in 1954, leaving the Grand Canyon (minus the “limited”) as the only named heavyweight train.

Click image to download a 12.3-MB PDF of this 36-page timetable. Click here to download an OCR version.

By this time, the Super Chief and El Capitan operated on identical schedules. The trains were combined during the off-peak season, but with separate diners and lounges and a gate between the two. Strangely, the schedule also notes that during summer and holiday periods–when the two trains ran separately a few minutes apart–the Super Chief included its own coaches “with separate dining room and lounge car for chair car passengers.” The extra fare to ride the El Capitan from Chicago to Los Angeles was $5, while the extra fare to ride the Super Chief chair cars was only $2.

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