Santa Fe 1963 Timetable

The train schedules in this full timetable are pretty similar to those in yesterday’s timetable of principal trains. The extra space in this version is used for an index of stations, schedules of connecting trains on other railroads, and a more complete list of agents.

Click image to download a 22.7-MB PDF of this 32-page, OCRed timetable. Click here to download a non-OCR version.

This timetable (and yesterday’s more compact version) still advertised the California Special westward from Houston. Specifically, according to the schedule, trains 65 & 66 from Houston to Temple bore that name. From Temple to Clovis, trains 75 and 76 seemed to be unnamed. From Clovis to San Francisco, though Houston-California cars were carried on the San Francisco Chief, while cars to Los Angeles were shunted onto the Grand Canyon at Barstow. Although there’s no longer through cars to New Orleans, the California Special connected at Houston with Missouri Pacific trains 50 and 51 to New Orleans.

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