Way of the Zephyrs Blotters

These are the last of the Burlington blotters I scanned from the Dale Hastin collection. The first two introduce the Kansas City Zephyr and the American Royal Zephyr.

Click image to download a 307-KB PDF of this blotter.

These two trains began operating in 1953, so the blotters date from that year. While the blotters appear to be identical at first glance, one has the schedule from Chicago to Kansas City while the other has the schedule from Kansas City to Chicago.

Click image to download a 319-KB PDF of this blotter.

As shown on one of yesterday’s blotters, the American Royal Zephyr was preceded by a heavyweight train called, simply, the American Royal. That train, in turn, took its name from the annual Kansas City livestock show and rodeo, which had been held since 1899.

Click image to download a 184-KB PDF of this blotter.

The last two blotters today are almost identical. Slight differences in coloration and the location of the printed on the paper suggests they were from different printers or different batches by the same printer. Normally, I wouldn’t include two such similar items, but I have them, so why not? You can download the one you like best.

Click image to download a 270-KB PDF of this blotter.

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