Scenic Colorado and Utah

This 32-page booklet contains much text and lots of black-and-white photos of mountains, lakes, hotels, and railroad lines. The Burlington itself didn’t go to Utah, and though its partner Rio Grande did, it is understandable that most of the booklet is about Colorado–14 pages vs. 7 about Utah plus 3 supposedly introducing both but really mostly about Colorado.

Like many rail booklets, the apparent front cover shown here is actually on the back cover. Click image to download a 24.2-MB PDF of this booklet.

Dated March 17, 1922, the front cover of the booklet is a 500-word introduction by Edwin Sabin, the author of various adventure stories including (as the booklet notes) Kit Carson Days and Buffalo Bill and the Overland Trail. Many of his books are in the public domain and downloadable from

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