The West’s Great Trains

These blotters from the Dale Hastin collection are a little more generic than the Burlington blotters we’ve seen so far. The first advertises nine different trains including the Denver Zephyr, which began operating in 1936, and the Aristocrat, which was dropped from the timetable in 1941. Thus, the blotter must have been issued in one of those years.

Click image to download a 389-KB PDF of this blotter.

The next blotter mentions the Burlington’s “fleet of fine modern passenger trains” and adds that the railroad has been operating for 89 years. The first Burlington train operated in 1850, so the blotter must be from 1939.

Click image to download a 475-KB PDF of this blotter.

Finally, we have a blotter that we can date precisely as the Burlington celebrated its 100th anniversary in 1949. This was the centennial of when its earliest predecessor was chartered, not when it first operated.

Click image to download a 516-KB PDF of this blotter.

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