More Tour Blotters

While yesterday’s blotters focused on Colorado and Yellowstone, these add Glacier Park to the mix. Judging from the typeface, the first one is probably older than the other three.

Click image to download a 446-KB PDF of this blotter.

The advertisement appears to say that round-trip transportation between Glacier and Yellowstone was just $4.75. While that sound’s cheap, it’s about $65 in today’s money. However, a round-trip from Denver to Colorado Springs was free, which sound cheap in any year. The mention of the Oriental Limited shows the blotter was from before 1929, when that train was replaced by the Empire Builder as Great Northern’s premiere train.

Click image to download a 445-KB PDF of this blotter.

This blotter has the same basic message as the previous one but was distributed by an agent in New York City.

Click image to download a 392-KB PDF of this blotter.

Again the same but from an agent in St. Louis.

Click image to download a 453-KB PDF of this blotter.

This blotter displays a larger photo but manages to squeeze in the same text. This one mentions an agent in Philadelphia whose name was also on some of yesterday’s blotters.

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