Escorted Tour Blotters

Only one of these blotters has the escorted tours logo on it, but all are of the same vintage. Since Burlington Escorted Tours began in 1925 and one of the blotters mentions the Denver Limited–a train that was replaced in 1930 by the Aristocrat–I would date these blotters to the late 1920s. Today and tomorrow I’ll show nine of these blotters from the Dale Hastin collection.

Click image to download a 506-KB PDF of this blotter.

This blotter explicitly advertises escorted tours as “nothing to do but have a good time” since the escort does everything else.

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The Denver Limited was a westbound train, changing its name to Chicago Limited in the eastbound direction.

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The trail to Loch Vale, shown on this and the previous blotters, is about 2.7 miles each way from the road. Conditions were no doubt much more primitive in the 1920s than they are today.

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Naturally, Burlington wanted people to think that the Cody Road–its entrance to Yellowstone–was an essential part of any visit to Yellowstone. The road is highly scenic, but so are all of the entrances.

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Based on the typeface and the greater number of words on this blotter, I would guess it is older than the previous one and from the same vintage as the “Burlington to Colorado” blotter above.

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