Burlington Name-Train Blotters

Today’s blotters from the Dale Hastin collection each feature a specific train or, in one case, two trains. The first one, the Chicago Limited, was the eastbound counterpart to the Denver Limited. These unimaginatively named trains (Wikipedia lists four other railroads having a train called the Chicago Limited) were replaced as Burlington’s premiere train on this route by the Aristocrat in 1930.

Click image to download a 371-KB PDF of this blotter.

However, this blotter appears to be from the 1930s, suggesting the trains may have been retained as secondary trains. The blotter doesn’t list a city, but the addresses (1416 Dodge and 10th & Farnam) are from Omaha, which suggests the Chicago Limited ran earlier than the Aristocrat so Omaha passengers could board the train in the early evening.

Click image to download a 579-KB PDF of this blotter.

The Ozark State Zephyr operated from 1936 to 1939, when it was replaced by the General Pershing Zephyr. Since this blotter does not say it is a new train, it was probably issued in 1938 or 1939.

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Until I saw this blotter, I didn’t realize that the Burlington named its Denver-Cody train after Buffalo Bill, Cody’s founding father. The heavily used blotter is dated 1940.

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The Exposition Flyer was created to take passengers to the Golden Gate Exposition of 1939 and 1940, but it was so successful that Burlington and its partner railroads kept it going until replacing it with the California Zephyr in 1949.

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