SP&S Postcards

White border postcards such as these are supposed to date to somewhere between 1915 and 1930, and all three show locomotives and cars that could be from those years. The first is a colorized photo by Fred Kiser, the Portland photographer who had been hired by Louis Hill in 1905 to publicize what would become Glacier National Park.

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The postcard appears to have been issued by “the North Bank Road,” the nickname for the SP&S Railway. A handwritten note on the photo adds that Kiser took the photo “for [the] North Bank Road.”

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Progressing east, the second postcard, which was also based on a photo taken by Fred Kiser, is the same photo used in the SP&S airplane maps and the basis for the (back) cover of the Scenic Columbia River booklet. The back of this postcard is plainly marked as an advertisement for the SP&S, not only showing the company’s logo but inviting readers to write the railway’s passenger agent in Portland for an “illustrated folder,” which was probably some version of the Scenic Columbia River booklet.

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Rather than go further east, the next postcard turns south to the Oregon Trunk line from Wishram to Bend. This photo shows the spectacular Crooked River Bridge. The leftward turn of the river in the foreground indicates that the train on the bridge is headed north. This postcard was apparently not issued by the railway and does not name the photographer.

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