SP&S Blotters

These two blotters from the Dale Hastin collection were both issued in the same era. The first was clearly from 1939 as it encourages people to go to the Golden Gate Exposition.

Click image to download a 463-KB PDF of this blotter.

The second postcard doesn’t have a date, but it shows both of the locomotive types described in the 1938 Power and Speed flyer. In 1944, SP&S purchased new Challenger-type locomotives that used slightly different tenders from the 1937 edition; the tender shown on this blotter is from the earlier locomotive, so the blotter dates from 1938 to 1943.

Click image to download a 434-KB PDF of this blotter.


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  1. The second blotter is WWII era for sure. The SP&S started using the “Vital Link” phrase not long after the UP came up with its somewhat meaningless “Strategic Middle Route” slogan. Both railroads were important for war transport but not quite as breathlessly important as their slogans would indicate.


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