1921 Columbia River/Clatsop Beach Booklet

Here’s an earlier version of a 1935 booklet that was presented here two years ago. Though the two booklets follow the same outline, the text and photos are completely different.

Click image to download a 7.2-MB PDF of this 8-page booklet.

The cover illustration shown above (which is on the back cover) showing people swimming in the Pacific Ocean is pretty unrealistic. Oregon coastal temperatures might allow such swimming once every five years or so. The left panel takes similar liberties, showing Multnomah Falls and the Mitchell Point Tunnel in the same view when actually they were many miles apart. The illustration seems to be signed Rod Hedge, but I can’t find any information about this artist.


1921 Columbia River/Clatsop Beach Booklet — 1 Comment

  1. Looks like the Oregon side of the river is portrayed as quite a bit closer than it really is too. But, how great must it have been to ride on that observation platform!

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