The New North Coast Limiteds

Here is an impressively large–11″x14″–booklet heralding the new North Coast Limited in May, 1930. Great Northern had introduced its new Empire Builder the year before, and NP was trying to keep up. The booklet was obviously designed to impress. Not only was it oversized, it had a spider-webby tissue paper separating the cover from the interior pages. Unfortunately, the quality of the paper was low, leading to discoloration over the years, but it must have been striking looking in 1930.

Click image to download a 19.8-MB PDF of this booklet.

Inside, most pages are filled with a large (roughly 8″x10″) photo, two smaller photos, and a short paragraph describing the photos. The booklet points out that the sleeping cars have only ten sections per car, instead of the usual twelve, thus offering a little extra room per passenger and less crowding in the dressing rooms.

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