Northern Pacific Coast Vacationland

The title of this 36-page booklet reminds us of the name of the railroad at the same time as it identifies the geographic focus of the booklet: the north Pacific coastal states, which is to say Washington and Oregon. The booklet has many scenic black-and-white photos of these two states but the text focuses on listing a variety of resorts that could be reached by Northern Pacific trains.

Click image to download a 25.2-MB PDF of this booklet.

One fabulous looking resort pictured on page 10 is “rustic Mt.Baker Lodge.” This opened to great fanfare in 1927, the year before this publication came out. Sadly, the main lodge burned to the ground in 1931, depriving the Northwest of a lodge whose grandeur approached that of Old Faithful Inn or the Glacier Park hotels.

Click image for a larger view of this NP ad showing Mt. Baker Lodge.

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