1940 Summer Tours

Thanks to the Golden Gate Exposition, this guide has three more tours than the 1937 edition (the last one I have from the 1930s). New tours combine the Pacific Northwest, Yellowstone, and Southern Utah Parks with California and the expo. The bargain California tour is also back, and there are two tours to the Southern Utah parks (8 and 11 days instead of 10 in 1937).

Click image to download a 46.4-MB PDF of this 60-page booklet.

All these new tours mean two have gone missing: the Zion-Royal Gorge and Yellowstone-Royal Gorge-Rocky Mountain Park tours. While there are still two tours that include the Royal Gorge (10- and 11-day Yellowstone-Royal Gorge tours), I can’t help but wonder if the disappearance of the other two has something to do with the inauguration of the Exposition Flyer, which competed directly with the Union Pacific Overland Route to San Francisco.

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