1971 Riverside Geyser Dinner Menu

In 1971, Union Pacific returned to the wrap-around color photo covers with many new photos, some of which we have seen before: Disneyland, Grand Canyon, the Mormon Temple, and Zion. Here’s another new one from Yellowstone showing a geyser that is not Old Faithful.

Click image to download a 1.3-MB PDF of this menu.

Similar to the 1967 City of Portland dinner menu from a few days ago, this City of Los Angeles menu once again has both table d’hôte and a la carte sides. The four table d’hôte meals are salmon, ham, chicken, and sirloin steak, while the other side has three more “dinner specialties”: chopped beef, club sandwich, and chef’s salad. The a la carte includes two sandwiches, two salads, one soup, and a lot of desserts and beverages.

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