1967 Yellowstone Canyon Dinner Menu

Unlike the City of Los Angeles dinner menu of a couple of days ago, or some City of Portland dinner menus from nine years before, this City of Portland dinner menu has both a table d’hôte and an a la carte side. But the non-table d’hôte side doesn’t have any a la carte entrées; instead, it offers two sandwiches and a chef’s salad with dessert and beverage.

Click image to download a 1.6-MB PDF of this menu.

The table d’hôte side has just four dinners: trout, chicken, and pork chops for $3.50 and sirloin steak for $4.75. (Multiply by about 5.5 to convert to today’s prices.) The same steak dinner was a dollar more on the City of Los Angeles‘s 1967 dinner menu.

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