Dome-Dining Aboard the City of Portland

This 1958 dinner menu from the City of Portland is unusual for a Union Pacific menu in that it has a second fold, solely for the purpose of repeating the Union Pacific logo. It is also unusual for a dining car menu in that it only offers table d’hôte meals, with no a la carte side. Apparently, passengers wanting a la carte meals were directed to the cafe car.

Click image to download a 1.6-MB PDF of this menu.

Patrons have a choice of charcoal broiled steak ($5.00), brook trout ($3.60), chicken ($3.75), Spanish omelet ($3.25), and prime rib ($4.00), all prices including beverage, salad, potatoes, bread, and dessert. Five dollars for a steak with all the trimmings may sound inexpensive, but in today’s dollars that’s almost $40.

Click image to download a 2.1-MB PDF of this menu.

The above lunch menu is also from 1958 and offers an a la carte side with a variety of entrées, sandwiches, and side dishes, as well as a “suggestions” side with shrimp, bacon & tomato sandwich, link sausage & fried apple rings, and a couple of salads, most of which also come with dessert, beverage, and possibly a side dish.

The above 1960 dinner menu dispenses with the second fold, but otherwise the menu is similar to that of the 1958 dinner menu except that it offers Cornish game hen instead of chicken and lamb chops instead of prime rib.

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