1968 Lake Marie Lunch Menu

We’ve already seen a 1958 menu with a photo of Lake Marie, but this is a different photograph, made a little more active by the waterfall in the foreground. The text to the left of the photos are almost, but not quite, identical (one pushes dude ranches, the other mentions the Saratoga Inn and Medicine Bow Lodge). Lake Marie is less than an hour from Union Pacific’s station in Laramie, but few passengers would ever make the side trip.

Click image to download a 1.6-MB PDF of this menu.

The menu itself was used on a special 1968 “Holiday in the Rockies” train trip sponsored by the Pacific Railway Society of Los Angeles. It lists just three table d’hôte entrées: swordfish, lamb chops, and chicken. The items are unpriced, and therefore included in the tour package, which explains why the more-expensive sirloin steak dinner wasn’t included.

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