1971 Analysts Dinner Menu

One more Union Pacific menu, this one dated October, 1971 (five months after Amtrak) and used on a tour for “financial analysts.” The cover is quite beautiful and I don’t believe I’ve seen that painting elsewhere; perhaps UP commissioned it before Amtrak but didn’t get a chance to use it after Amtrak took over.

Click image to download a 0.7-MB PDF of this menu.

What you can’t see from the image is that this is hardly a full-sized menu, being only slightly larger than 4″ by 5″. Nor is it a menu in the sense of offering choices, as it simply describes one meal of “charcoal broiled prime Nebraska sirloin steak” with “avocado mandarin orange vinaigrette,” vegetables, fresh blueberry muffins, peach Melba, and Louis Martini cabernet sauvignon. Sounds delicious and much fancier than the meals enjoyed by City of Los Angeles passengers in the last few years before Amtrak.

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