1952 Hoover Dam Menu

This menu has the same cover as a 1948 breakfast menu that I presented here nearly two years ago. The difference is the 1948 menu called it “Boulder Dam” while the 1952 menu shown here substitutes the word “Hoover.” The two words are about the same length so the typography for the text to the left of the picture is nearly unchanged.

Click image to download a 1.2-MB PDF of this menu.

The menu itself was used aboard an “Oregon Journal Western National Parks Tour” that visited Yellowstone, the southern Utah parks, Hoover Dam, Salt Lake City, and Sun Valley, which means it was probably used aboard the Portland Rose or Los Angeles Limited, as secondary trains were usually used for such tours. The Oregon Journal was Portland’s evening newspaper in the 1950s. The breakfast menu, which is unpriced, is distinctive only for offering “fresh Oregon berries” as an alternative to juice or cereal.

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