Los Angeles Limited 1948 Breakfast Menu

Four years after yesterday’s menu, this Los Angeles Limited menu conforms to UP’s usual photo style. Boulder Dam (originally and now once again called Hoover Dam). Completed with great fanfare in 1936, Boulder Dam was advertised by Union Pacific as a motorcoach side trip for Los Angeles Limited passengers.

Click image to download a 1.8-MB PDF of this menu.

This breakfast menu offers seven different “select breakfasts” with fruit or cereal, bread, and beverage. Diners had the option of ten fruits or fruit juices and eleven hot or cold cereals. Such a select breakfast of bacon, eggs, and potatoes cost $1.50, or about $18 today. More budget-minded passengers could have fruit or cereal, toast or rolls, and a beverage for half that price.

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This 1935 advertisement touts the “detailed perfection” of the Los Angeles Limited and offers a “spectacular 22-mile side trip” from Las Vegas to Boulder Dam. It also urges readers to “ask about our new 6-car streamliner.” This refers to the M-10001 City of Portland. When the M-10002 was introduced as the City of Los Angeles in 1936, it had eleven cars including the two power cars.

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