The 1949 Broadway Brochure

This brochure advertises the same train as yesterday’s booklet. Both have the same date–March, 1949–and use many of the same illustrations. But this one doesn’t have a lot of imitation gold, which might actually improve its appearance while making it less expensive to print.

Click image to download an 4.9-MB PDF of this brochure.

In addition to describing the various accommodations, the booklet and brochure also picture the lounge and dining cars with improbably wide aisles. At one time, most dining cars had four-person tables on one side of the aisle and two-person tables on the other; going to four-person tables on both side must have constricted aisle space. But you wouldn’t know if from these graphics, which make the aisles appear wide enough for people to walk two or even three abreast.

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