The 1949 General

This 16-page booklet is for Pennsylvania’s secondary New York-Chicago train that, on almost any other railroad, would be the premiere train. Like the Broadway, the General was an all-Pullman train, with accommodations up to and including the master room, the largest room offered on any Pullman train. Judging from the round-tailed observation car on the cover, the 1949 General used equipment from the 1938 Broadway, which had a round-tailed obs while the 1949 Broadway had a squared-off tail car.

Click image to download an 5.9-MB PDF of this booklet.

The booklet cover says the General featured “new all private-room sleeping cars.” But, unlike the Broadway, it wasn’t an all-room train, as page 13 of this booklet says it also featured cars with sections. But no coaches, at least not in 1949.

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