Santa Fe 1930s Blotters

Based on the fonts and logos, these blotters date from the 1930s or, possibly, a little earlier. All three are from the Dale Hastin collection.

Click images to download PDFs of these blotters, which are all around 0.4 MB in size.

The first blotter encourages people to visit the Glendale (California) ticket office for travel information, including steamship tickets to and from Europe. I suspect this is the oldest of the three. The address on this blotter is currently occupied by a Chinese restaurant, but the entire area looks like it has gone through urban redevelopment, and I doubt anything is left of the original Santa Fe ticket office.

The second blotter advertises Santa Fe’s Hollywood ticket office. I suspect that the tilting of the Santa Fe logo on the blotter is supposed to be reminiscent of a reel of film.

As near as I can tell from Google street view, the building at the address on the blotter is a nice art deco structure that currently is partly vacant and partly has some low-rent occupants. Though obscured by the tree, the high point on the right has a red ball on it like the one in the middle, indicating that there used to be one on the left as well. This looks like a building that would make a good Santa Fe ticket office in the streamlined era.

The third blotter advertises “improved Santa Fe train service between Chicago-Kansas City to California.” The blotter lists the Super Chief and El Capitan providing twice-a-week service, which dates it after February 22, 1938, when the El Capitan was inaugurated. The address on the blotter must be part of the Insurance Exchange Building, which was built in 1912. Though 179 does not exist, the address corresponds to a space that is occupied by a CVS Pharmacy today.

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