Champagne Dinner Menu

Here, complete with tassel, is the menu for the champagne dinner on Santa Fe’s Super Chief. A postcard showing a couple enjoying this dinner was posted here a few days ago.

Click image to download a 1.2-MB PDF of this menu. Or click here if you prefer a 0.9-MB PDF of the menu without the tassel and the annoying white space that comes with it.

This menu is undated, but another web site documents that the champagne dinner cost $7.90 (the price on this menu) in 1970. That’s nearly $38 today. In 1965, it cost $7.25, more than $41 today.

For that price, you would enjoy an antipasto of celery hearts and colossal green olives, shrimp cocktail, consomme or soup do jour, a 16-ounce charcoal grilled sirloin steak with French fried onion rings or mushroom caps, fresh vegetables, a choice of several kinds of potatoes, a tossed salad with cheese cubes and bacon chips with a choice of dressings, garlic or cheese rolls, dessert, beverage, and after-dinner mints.

It sounds delicious even though I no longer eat beef. But for passengers like me, the menu adds, “If Champagne Dinner is desired with entree other than steak, the Steward will be glad to make suggestions and arrangements for you.”


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