Santa Fe Wartime Blotters

Here are some blotters that clearly date from World War II. The first one looks to be early in the war. This blotter is from the collection of Dale Hastin. The blotter advertised Santa Fe’s agent in Lamar, Colorado, a town big enough to be a stop for the all-Pullman California Limited as well as the more economical Navajo, but not the fast, streamlined Super Chief or El Capitan.

Click images to download PDFs of blotters, which are 0.4 to 0.6 MB in size.

The second blotter is probably from a bit later in the war; in addition to an E1 and (probable) 4-8-4 steam locomotive, it shows one of General Motor’s FT freight locomotives, which were first delivered to Santa Fe in 1941. This blotter is from the collection of Bruce Adams.

The third blotter, which is also from the Dale Hastin collection, shows the same three locomotives from a different angle. The “war and peace” message suggests this blotter is from the end of the war when people were looking ahead to peacetime.

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