More 1926 Blotters

Though not as colorful as yesterday’s blotters, these offer some variety and show that GN was still calling its two-year-old train the “New Oriental Limited.” The first blotter is a convenient combination of a notepad and blotter. While this might have been useful to some, it limited the area that could be used for advertising, which may be why this format wasn’t often used.

Click images to download PDFs of these blotters. File sizes are between 0.3 and 0.5 MB.

The second blotter features St. Paul’s Railroad and Bank Building, which was the headquarters for the Great Northern (as well as NP and First National Bank). The corner of the sixteen-story building shown in the illustration served as a ticket office for the GN, NP, CB&Q, and no doubt other railroads.

The third blotter today returns to the take-the-GN-to-California theme. The passengers seem to be in the observation car, though it could be a coach. Is the mountain visible through the window Mt. Index?

The next blotter also advertises the train as a route to California. This one illustrates the diner with Glacier-Park-like scenery out the window. In fact, while the scenery visible from the train was quite impressive, scenes such as the one appearing in the window were only visible to people who got off the train and toured the park.

Finally, we have a blotter that at first glance appears to be in the same series as yesterday’s, with the colorful illustration on the left and text on the right and was printed by B&B, or Brown & Bigalow, of St. Paul. But the illustration isn’t signed FG, and appears to be by a different artist, plus the blotter isn’t advertising the Oriental Limited. Including it today also allows me to have five 1926 blotters each day.

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