A Chain of Great Hotels on Wheels

These attractive blotters advertised the not-quite-so-new Oriental Limited in 1926. The illustrations are signed “FG,” but I have no idea who that might have been. As we will see on later blotters, two years after the train began service, GN still often used the word “new” with reference to the Oriental Limited, but it left that word off of these blotters.

Click images to download PDFs of these blotters, which are 0.4 to 0.5 MB in size.

The first blotter illustrates a 4 o’clock tea service that was offered in the observation car. This both symbolized the Oriental aspect of the train and competed with the Milwaukee Olympian, which offered a similar tea service at least as early as 1912. This blotter was distributed by GN’s passenger agent in Chicago.

The second blotter shows passengers in the observation car with seats turned toward the views of Glacier Park, with a helpful conductor providing commentary in the background. This blotter is lettered for GN’s agent in Nelson, BC.

This blotter shows the train’s ladies maid doing something to one woman’s feet while another woman reads a book. Hey, you’re missing all the scenery! The blotter has the address of GN’s Portland agent.

The next blotter shows a barber cutting a woman’s hair. At least the text doesn’t emphasize that the barbers are all white. This one is for GN’s agent in Cleveland, Ohio.

Finally, we have a picture of a woman getting ready to take a shower. Would a bare shoulder have been considered titillating in 1926? Like the previous blotter, this one is for GN’s Cleveland agent.

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