Milwaukee Road 1968 Timetable

The Milwaukee’s 40-page 1956 timetable was, by 1968, reduced to just four pages, no longer than the 1951 Pacific Northwest timetable. These four pages contain just eight tables of trains.

Click image to download a 2.8-MB PDF of this timetable.

These eight tables include:

  1. Chicago-Twin Cities, showing four westbound and five eastbound trains (as was the case in past timetables, the eastbound Fast Mail carried a coach, while the westbound one did not);
  2. Minneapolis-Aberdeen, with just one train;
  3. Chicago-Milwaukee, showing seven round trips per day;
  4. Chicago-Los Angeles;
  5. Chicago-Portland/Denver;
  6. Chicago-San Francisco;
  7. Chicago-Wausau, which was the Afternoon Hiawatha from Chicago to New Lisbon and then a coach train from there to Wausau;
  8. Chicago-Madison, a choice of two trains a day or a bus connection at Columbus from the Hiawathas; and
  9. Chicago-Walworth and Chicago-Elgin suburban tables, which (as in previous timetables) just list miles, not schedules as there were no doubt several trains a day.

The Challenger, City of Los Angeles, and City of San Francisco all operated on the same schedule on Milwaukee’s segment, continuing together until Ogden, when the San Francisco train split off. The City of Portland and City of Denver likewise operated on the same schedule from Chicago to North Platte, where they were split in two.

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