Milwaukee Pacific Northwest Timetable

This 1951 timetable focuses on the Olympian Hiawatha and Columbian. It also includes schedules for the Morning Hiawatha from Chicago to the Twin Cities, but for some reason not the Afternoon Hiawatha, even though that train continued to operate for another 19 years. The only other train on the timetable is one that terminates at Aberdeen; this one evidently connects with the Morning Hiawatha in Minneapolis, which must be why that train is on the timetable.

Click image to download a 2.7-MB PDF of this single-sheet (16″x9″–effectively four pages) timetable.

The equipment list shows that, in addition to coaches and sleeping cars, the Olympian Hiawatha had a diner, Skytop lounge car, and Tip-Top grill car all the way from Chicago to Tacoma, as well as a drawing room-parlor car from Chicago to the Twin Cities. The Columbian only had a diner-lounge car. This made it less attractive than, say, the Western Star, which had a diner, grill car, and observation lounge. The timetable describes the Olympian Hiawatha as “speedlined” while the Columbian was merely “electrified,” indicating that most if not all of its cars were heavyweights.


Milwaukee Pacific Northwest Timetable — 2 Comments

  1. The Olympian & Columbian must have been fascinating to ride, as the Milwaukee, the also-ran of the 3 railroads to the Pacific Northwest, ran through some pretty obscure, remote territory. Much of which was entirely roadless area inaccessible by anything but train. What fun it would have been to have ridden the open car through the Rockies! (which by the time of this timetable had been replaced by the Skytop – looks like the Super Dome hadn’t been added yet)

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