Milwaukee Road 1970 Timetable

Milwaukee’s timetable expanded from four pages in 1968 to six in 1970. Yet the trains were fewer than ever; the extra pages are filled with a station index, list of agents, and a table of fares, all of which were missing from the 1968 timetable.

Click image to download a 3.6-MB PDF of this timetable.

The City trains became just one “city of everywhere,” departing Chicago at 6 pm with the Denver cars cut off at North Platte; the Portland cars cut off at Green River; and the San Francisco-Los Angeles cars split at Ogden. Chicago-Twin Cities was down to just the Morning Hiawatha with the overnight Fast Mail still carrying a coach eastbound but not westbound. Three more trains served Chicago-Milwaukee and there were still two trains a day between Chicago and Madison. There was one extra train a day between Milwaukee and Watertown, with ten intervening stops, apparently a commuter train. Finally, the timetable noted the Chicago suburban trains to Elgin and Walworth.

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