Milwaukee Road 1956 Timetable

Together with yesterday’s timetable, we have snapshots of Milwaukee Road passenger operations before and after Union Pacific transferred its trains from Chicago & North Western to the Milwaukee. The two timetables have the same number of pages even though this one devotes three pages to the new trains: one each for trains to Portland/Denver, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

Click image to download a 25.6-MB PDF of this 40-page timetable.

The railroad fit the new pages in by reducing the four pages that the previous timetable had devoted to equipment listings for major trains to less than a page and by moving the equipment listings for some of the minor trains to the pages on which those train tables were located.

While gaining the UP trains was a feather in Milwaukee’s cap, really only four new trains are in this timetable: the cities of Portland, San Francisco, and Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Challenger. By 1956, the Portland Rose terminated at Denver, heavyweight transcontinental trains such as the Los Angeles Limited and Pacific Limited were gone, while in 1947 the San Francisco Challenger had been renamed the Gold Coast, which in turn was cut in 1955.

Yesterday, I noted that it was peculiar that, in 1955, the Morning Hiawatha was numbered 5 & 6 while the Afternoon Hiawatha was numbered 100 & 101, and that there didn’t seem to be any train number 3. By 1956, the Afternoon Hiawatha was renumbered 2 & 3, probably so that the City of San Francisco could be numbered 101 & 102, which must have been the Union Pacific’s numbers.

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