California Circle Tour in 1966

This is the 1966 version of the 1961 Pacific Northwest-California brochure. It offers a few more options. Most important, under a “new arrangement” with Western Airlines, GN travelers who arrived in Seattle or Portland can fly to San Francisco rather than take a Southern Pacific train. This increases the cost “by less than $20” but saves a day of travel.

Click image to download a 3.3-MB PDF of this 4-page brochure.

While the 1961 brochure suggested that people visit the Bay Area and then Los Angeles before returning to Chicago, this one offers the option of skipping southern California and taking the California Zephyr, City of San Francisco, or San Francisco Chief home. Those who go to southern California (optionally by Western Airlines) can then return home on the Super Chief or the “Southern Pacific-Union Pacific City of Los Angeles” (in fact, the Southern Pacific had nothing to do with the City of Los Angeles).

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