Tiny Dams Brochure

The dams it describes are anything but tiny, but this brochure is another in Great Northern’s series of what I call tiny brochures. Dated 1960, this one features Montana’s Hungry Horse Dam on the cover, and Grand Coulee, Chief Joseph, McNary, and Bonneville dams on the inside.

Click image to download a 1.6-MB PDF of this brochure.

A map shows the location and “planned power ratings” in kilowatt hours of more than 30 dams in the Northwest. The ten main dams on the Columbia River were planned to produce 8.3 gigawatts of power, with almost a quarter of that coming from Grand Coulee Dam alone. In fact, these dams today produce close to 20 gigawatts, with more than a third coming from Grand Coulee.

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