Glorious Glacier Park in 1959

For 1959, the Glacier Park Company issued a brochure that, at first glance, was almost identical to the 1958 edition. However, a close look reveals that, where the 1958 brochure opens to about 9″x24″, this one is just 9″x20″, meaning it has lost the equivalent of one 8″x9″ page.

Click image to download a 2.9-MB PDF of this brochure.

The big thing that’s missing are the descriptions and rate for one- to ten-day tours. Perhaps almost everyone was traveling a la carte and few were choosing the table d’hôte tours.

Hotel prices have gone up slightly, and for 1959 were advertised on both the European (without meals) and American (with meals) plans. Meal prices changed slightly from 1958 but still added up to $8 per day total (still about $50 in today’s money). Since the American plan was $7.50 per person per day more than the European plan, it was worthwhile only for people who were absolutely certain to eat all meals in the hotel restaurants.

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