Glorious Glacier Park in 1958

The 32-page booklets that GN used to advertise Glacier as recently as 1949 have, less than a decade later, been replaced by this three-panel brochure, the equivalent of six pages. (Or perhaps there was also a 32-page booklet in 1958 that I don’t have in my collection–but I doubt it.)

Click image to download a 3.6-MB PDF of this brochure.

The brochure offered one-, two-, three-, five-, and ten-day tours including all meals, lodging, and transportation in the park. The one-day tours spent a night at either the Glacier Park Hotel or Lake McDonald Hotel then a bus tour over Going-to-the-Sun Highway. With three meals and a cruise on Lake McDonald it cost about $30 per person double occupancy (about $200 today). The best daily rate was a ten-day tour with three nights at Glacier, three at Many Glacier, two at Prince of Wales, and two at Lake McDonald. Including thirty meals, three lake cruises, and five bus rides the total cost was about $187 per person double occupancy (about $1,200 today).

The brochure also gives basic hotel rates. All four hotels–Glacier, McDonald, Many Glacier, and Prince of Wales–cost $10 per night for one person, $16 for two, and $21 for three (multiply by 6.5 to convert to today’s money), with “deluxe rooms” being $3.50 more per person per night (though it doesn’t say what makes them deluxe). Breakfast, lunch, and dinner at any of the hotels cost $1.75, $2.00, and $4.25, respectively, or $8 total (about $50 today).

Rates at the Swiftcurrent and Rising Sun motels were $12 per night for one person, and an additional dollar per person per night for more than one. This meant the motels were more expensive than the hotels for one, less for more than one. Cabins with “light housekeeping and centrally located showers” were even less.

Although this brochure was issued by the Glacier Park Company, which it says was owned by the Great Northern Railway, this is not a particularly rail-centric brochure. It notes that people can get to Glacier by auto on “new, modern U.S. Highways,” on the Western Star, by Northwest Orient Airlines to Kalispell or Western Airlines to Cut Bank, or by Greyhound bus to West or East Glacier.

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