NP Spring-Summer 1966 Timetable

NP’s timetable has shrunk from 32 pages in 1960 to 28 in 1966, but a lot of those pages are fluff. While the NP still had branch-line passenger trains on more than a dozen routes in Minnesota and North Dakota in 1960, by 1966 it had only five, the other routes being served by buses. Beyond North Dakota, the only trains other than the mainline trains are the one between Seattle and Portland.

Click image to download a 18.3-MB PDF of this timetable.

The schedule still included trains 3 and 4, the main line local, which once (under the numbers 7 and 8) went from St. Paul to Glendive, Montana, then was cut back to Mandan, ND (5 miles beyond Bismarck), and by 1966 only went as far as Jamestown, 100 miles short of the state capital. The North Coast Limited took about six hours to get from St. Paul to Jamestown; the Mainstreeter about eight hours; while train number 3 took nine-and-one half.

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