NP Fall-Winter 1966 Timetable

This timetable has just as many pages as yesterday’s Summer, 1966 schedule, but a couple of minor trains are missing. The route between Duluth and Staples, Minnesota, had two trains a day in the summer timetable, reduced to one in the winter. A three-day-a-week mixed train on a branch from Mandan to Mott, North Dakota, has also disappeared.

Click image to download a 17.0-MB PDF of this timetable.

The times of many trains were pushed back an hour, perhaps a bow to daylight savings time, which the railroads were reluctant to adopt. For example, the NP trains between Seattle and Portland and between Duluth and Minneapolis were exactly an hour later in the October timetable. The summer timetable stressed that it used standard time, but by shifting the trains an hour people used to the old timetable could catch the trains at the same times in daylight time. The GN trains on these same routes did not change. The North Coast Limited and Mainstreeter times also shifted, but not by exactly an hour at every station.

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