NP 1960 Timetable

The North Coast Limited gained Slumbercoaches by 1960, their gleaming stainless steel interrupting the train’s otherwise solid two-tone green colors. In addition to the Mainstreeter, the timetable still shows trains 3 and 4 from St. Paul, though now they terminate at Mandan, North Dakota, a bit west of Bismarck, instead of Glendive, Montana. West of Mandan there are no more local trains on the mainline, not even between Spokane and Seattle.

Click image to download a 23.0-MB PDF of this timetable. Click here to download an OCRed version.

NP still had some local trains in Minnesota and North Dakota, but it had replaced nearly all of its locals in Montana, Idaho, and Washington with buses. This included the line to Gardiner and the north entrance to Yellowstone Park.

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