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If yesterday’s brochure was tiny, this one is a giant, unfolding to nearly 17″x22″. When unfolded it becomes an eight-page, stapled brochure, of which the “cover” shown below is actually the bottom half of page 8.

Click image to download a 13.6-MB PDF of this brochure. Click here to download an OCRed version.

Page 1 has a map highlighting eighteen different destinations that can be reached (or partway reached) via the Great Northern; pages 2 and 3 feature Glacier; 4 covers the Pacific Northwest including Vancouver and Victoria; 5 squeezes California, Hawaii, Alaska, and the Canadian Rockies; 6 and 7 present the amenities aboard the Empire Builder and Western Star; and the top half of page 8 describe Minnesota and Chicago. Despite 35 black-and-white photos and numerous smaller graphics, there is plenty of white space to make the brochure more attractive.

The printer marks on page 8 include a “459,” suggesting it was printed in April, 1959, or about the time Great Northern was also starting to publish the tiny brochures. Filled with color photos, the tiny brochures are actually more attractive. Page 7 of this brochure includes a coupon inviting people to write the Great Northern for “further details on vacation travel to” [fill in the blank]. People who sent in this coupon no doubt received, among other things, some of the tiny brochures in response.

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