Tiny Empire Builder Brochure

Great Northern’s tiny brochures covered such destinations as Alaska, Glacier Park, Portland, the Canadian Rockies, and the East. But it also issued this six-panel brochure featuring the railway’s premiere train. Though dated 1964, it may be a reprint of one originally published a few years earlier.

Click image to download a 1.4-MB PDF of this brochure.

One panel describes the train’s namesake, James J. Hill, while one briefly mentions other GN passenger trains. But most of the brochure features color photos of the train’s interior and the scenery visible from its four dome cars. The short domes, the full-length dome, the lounge beneath the dome, the Ranch car, and the diner are all pictured in bright colors. Though Great Northern began “simplifying” the paint job on its locomotives in 1962, all of the pictures here show the older, more detailed color scheme.

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