Spiral Tunnel Lunch Menu

In 1953, Canadian Pacific was still using the same basic menu featuring the Spiral Tunnels that it had used nearly 30 years before. However, the menu had been updated in several ways. Most importantly, the cover seems to be an actual color photo rather than a lithograph, and the colors appear much more realistic. Did the photo really have a train in the exact same spot as on the earlier paintings, or was that added in by an illustrator?

Click image to download a 2.9-MB PDF of this menu.

Dated June 17-18, 1953, this particular menu was used on a Canadian Rockies tour sponsored by the Oregon Journal, a Portland newspaper that went out of business in 1982. The unpriced luncheon entrées appear to be limited to Fraser River salmon or assorted cold meats and potato salad, served with soup, salad, hashed browns (even with the potato salad?), bread, dessert, and beverage. Why would anyone take cold meats when they could have salmon?

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