The Economy of Luxury-The Luxury of Economy

This brochure’s cover describes the Canadian as “Canada’s only dome-equipped streamliner.” But Canadian Pacific owned 36 dome cars and needed only half of them for the Canadian. The other CP train with dome cars — the Dominion — mixed streamlined with heavyweight equipment, so the statement is true in the sense that was dome-equipped but not a streamliner. This brochure has a printer code of 5807, which I interpret to mean July, 1958.

Click image to download a 4.2-MB PDF of this brochure.

Aside from the cover, the front side of the brochure shows sleeping accommodations, while the back shows feature cars, including domes, lounges, and diners. The back, which shows three pairs of pictures with a detailed description beneath each pair, has a small printing error: The lower left picture should have been switched with the upper right. The lower left shows the diner yet the description is of the observation car while the upper right shows the observation car but the description is of the diner.

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