Montrealer Menu

Prior to Amtrak, the Montrealer was a joint Canadian National-Boston & Maine-New Haven-Pennsylvania overnight train from Washington to Montreal. In the reverse direction the train was called the Washingtonian. A day train following the same route was called the Ambassador in both directions. Amtrak added the train, using the name Montrealer in both directions, to its route system in 1972.

Click image to download a 1.5-MB PDF of this menu.

Since the train left its termini in the late afternoon and arrived at the other end in the morning, this menu has breakfast and dinner but no lunch. The choices were limited: breakfast was French toast, cheese omelet, or egg on an English muffin, all served with Canadian (of course) bacon. Dinner was a choice of Cornish hen or a small fillet mignon (really?), with a la carte Reuben sandwich, beef burger, or (catering to the French stereotype) quiche Lorraine. The menu is undated but I think I collected it on a trip in 1978, and the prices seem to be from about that year.

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