Amtrak Makes It Easy to Travel Lying Down

Here’s another Amtrak brochure–although in this case it is more of a card–with a lame slogan. The purpose was to announce “the arrival of the all electric sleeping cars operating on some of the long-distance routes served by Amfleet equipment.” Amfleet was incompatible with the cars Amtrak inherited from other railroads as the former used head-end power while the latter was heated by steam and relied on on-board generators for power. The brochure, which is dated 12-77, also advertises that “the Superliners are coming.”

Click image to download a 521-KB PDF of this brochure.

For overnight coach passengers, Amfleet was a mixed blessing. While it was more reliable than the inherited equipment (later known as the “heritage fleet”), the seats were far less comfortable as they were designed for short rides such as New York to Washington. So-called “long-distance” Amfleet had a little more leg room and leg rests, instead of just foot rests, but still was painful to try to sleep in compared with the Sleepy Hollow seats found in most pre-Amtrak coaches.

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