Modern Developments in Motive Power

As steam locomotion was winding down and General Electric was working with the American Locomotive Company to compete with General Motors, Westinghouse wanted a part in the electric and Diesel-electric market as well. Working mainly with Baldwin, it had built or contributed to more than 300 locomotives between 1900 and 1935.

Click image to download a 10.5-MB PDF of this 42-page booklet.

After the war, however, Baldwin quickly declined. Westinghouse couldn’t predict that when it produced this 1948 booklet describing straight electric, Diesel electric, steam-turbine electric, and gas-turbine electric locomotives. The illustrations are attractive, but Westinghouse would have a hand in just five more locomotives after this booklet came out.

This booklet is from the collection of Richard Leonard, who posted individual page images on line. With his permission, I have turned them into a PDF. The PDF doesn’t include the inside front and inside back covers, which were blank.

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