Service You Get With Your Pullman Ticket

This is the first of a dozen little booklets about Pullman operations. While they purport to be educational they are really just another form of advertising. Though undated, one of the booklets refers to data from 1929, so they must have been issued around 1930. This particular booklet shows how Pullman was more than just a sleeping car service; it also offered food, telegrams, and other services en route.

Click image to download a 1.9-MB PDF of this 12-page booklet.

The booklets show that the Pullman operation was pretty amazing for its day and even for today, though one of the most amazing parts was how Pullman managed to create a monopoly even as it worked with railroads that were often highly competitive with one another. Unfortunately, booklet number 13, “How We Created a Monopoly,” was never published.

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