Lord Baltimore Postcard

The Chesapeake & Ohio was the first railroad to order a 4-8-2 locomotive in 1911. That locomotive and tender weighed about 549,000 pounds and developed about 58,000 pounds of tractive effort. Rival Baltimore & Ohio did not try this wheel arrangement until 1925, when it rebuilt one of its 2-10-2 locomotives into a 4-8-2. The four pilot wheels allowed higher speeds so the locomotive could be used to pull passenger trains.

Click image to download a 643-KB PDF of this folding postcard.

B&O called this locomotive the Lord Baltimore (not to be confused with a second locomotive of that name built in 1935), and it weighed about 110,000 pounds more and had about 10,000 pounds more tractive effort than the C&O’s first 4-8-2. Although a latecomer to this wheel arrangement, B&O eventually owned 44 4-8-2s, 42 of which it built itself including the last 4-8-2 built in America in 1948. This postcard was distributed at the B&O’s centennial exhibition in 1927, where the locomotive was displayed to the public.

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