The Completely New Jeffersonian

Previously featured here, the all-coach Jeffersonian was the St. Louis version of the New York-Chicago Trail Blazer. The latter train was inaugurated in 1939 and was successful enough for the Pennsylvania to begin operating the Jeffersonian in 1941. After the war, the railroad reequipped both trains, and this booklet is similar to the one issued for the post-war Trail Blazer.

Click image to download a 51.2-MB PDF of this 16-page booklet. Click here to download a 15.2-MB version that has a slightly lower resolution.

This booklet devotes several pages to the Jeffersonian‘s recreation car, which featured a movie theater, game room, children’s playroom, and a buffet-lounge. This apparently wasn’t successful in attracting passengers to the train, which was discontinued in 1956.

This is one of those mysterious times when my PDF software goes crazy and turns out a giant file for an ordinary publication. At my usual resolution of 300 dots per inch, the file is 51 megabytes. For those who don’t have fast connections, I’ve included a version that is 275 dpi and just 15 megabytes.

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